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ChromaBytes Inc , is a IT consulting firm, offers comprehensive data science services. We are a dynamic team of consultants, supported by a network of skilled freelancers collaborators. Our expertise lies in turnkey data science projects, often characterized by analytical complexity. Notably, we take pride in our remarkable track record of achieving success where others have struggled. Our projects are akin to layered onions, encompassing a robust analytical core seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge technology, poised for swift deployment within our clients' systems.


We cover the full cycle of a project in analytics

Problem definition

We utilize our extensive business knowledge to reframe our customers' problems into abstract formulations that can be effectively analyzed using statistical methods.

Statistical analysis

We apply state of the art statistical techniques to tackle complex analytical problems, enabling us to uncover valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with precision and confidence.

System integration

We integrate our advanced statistical models into both cloud and on-premises systems, enabling seamless implementation for our clients.


Here is a description of a few of out latest projects:

Our Team

Carlos J. Gil Bellosta

Radolf A. Darcy


Luz Frías

Bala Damayanti


Ludovica Verrieri

Agatha Butcher

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